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Welcome to SSS!

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Welcome to SoundScape Studio!

We start our blog on the World Environment Day to tell you that we recently started walking with our sustainable architecture studio specializing in acoustic design. With the idea of ​​cooperating with the environment and design research, we open our doors to new constructive possibilities, sustainable materials and ideas that provide the place with something more than they previously had. We want to make you participate in new construction techniques, creative ideas and spatial contributions that make you vibrate and get excited, that make you listen to the environments, and valueable nature.

We take this opportunity to ask you taking care of OUR NATURAL ENVIRONMENT , because in 12 years we will have a NO RETURN point, and WE ARE STILL ON TIME, each one of us can help  to raise awareness about water recycling, sustainability and adaptation to the environment.

Close your eyes and LISTEN TO THE SOUNDSCAPES!