• Year: 2021
  • Situation: Madrid, Spain
  • Design: SoundScape Studio
  • Collaboration: Acústica Sansegundo
  • Construction: –
  • Duration: in progress
  • Use: Offices
  • Cost: confidential

Acoustic design consultancy for technical assistance in the study of acoustic solutions for the  Conference Hall of Building No. 1 of the Central Offices of Canal de Isabel II (Madrid), to respond to the request received from the CLPH (preservation team).

The study of acoustic solutions for auditoriums includes three proposals where the acoustic, visual and thermal solutions proposed are analyzed. The technical and economic advantages and disadvantages are justified, as well as the urban viability. The proposed solutions meet the requirements of the CLPH with the technical needs of a conference hall, through these five outcomes:

1- Maximum use of space (taking into account different configurations).
2- Various alternatives for use (one room and two rooms).
3- Acoustic comfort and speech intelligibility taking into account the effect of the exposed domes.
4- Achieve adequate sound insulation between spaces for simultaneous activities, besides external sound insulation
5- Acoustic design integration within the existing building and original materials  to harmonize with the constructive essence of the concept architect and an aesthetic integrated in the Canal buildings based on brick.

With what has been described, all the proposals seek to build an integrated architectural-acoustic image, studying the suitability and viability . One of them is selected and developed and is integrated into the Execution Project and technical advice in response to requirements raised by the council

  • Acoustic Design
  • Architectural acoustics
  • Interior design
  • Offices
  • Refurbishment
  • Speech intelligibility