Architecture and interior design

We design spaces with sustainable materials well integrated into the landscape. We follow the principle of circular economy to try to make the most of existing resources, and we like to involve the user as much as possible to save on material installation costs. Acoustic design is fun!

So far we have been dedicated to single-family housing, but we are starting new ways to the public sector, designing SCHOOLS, RESTAURANTS, OFFICES AND HEALTH OR TREATMENT CENTRES, in addition to the residential, tourism and retail sectors. In short, we believe that ACOUSTIC DESIGN MUST BE INTEGRATED FROM THE BEGINNING to avoid unexpected costs.

Acoustic Design consultancy

We are the midpoint between architects and acoustic engineers
Through the use of natural materials we propose a functional and alternative design of the interior and exterior space. We help engineers to develop an acoustic design through graphic and constructive ideation, meaning a technical and graphic support for architects who need advice on projects where acoustics and speech intelligibility take a fundamental role.

Acoustic engineering consultancy

We make possible the opening of retail units -as well as other typologies- through environmental and architectural acoustics certifications, conducting tests and reports. We offer technical consultancy for buildings guaranteeing compliance with local regulations

Product design

We have a special preference for product design that is also functional and sustainable. This is the main target to produce interior and urban furniture with new acoustic materials, natural and recyclable, that help to low reverberation time inside spaces or to diffrract, absorb and reflect sound outdoors. We investigate how new shapes, materials and designs affect positively to the perceived environment