Laura de Azcárate

Laura is an Acoustic Designer and Architect, founder at SoundScape Studio in Madrid. She pursues an international Design career aiming to merge Architecture, Acoustics, Sustainability and Research

With international experience in Spain, Belgium, Canada and UK she combined her degree with musical studies in order to develop as a sensitive and technical person. After finishing her degree in Architecture in Escuela Politécnica Superior Universidad San Pablo CEU Madrid -EPS USP CEU- and doing some internships in Architecture in Madrid (Spain) she worked as a Junior intern Architect in Vancouver (Canada) in the field of Restoration, and also in Sustainability within the firm Perkins+Will. When she discovered her interest in Acoustic Design in 2015 she moved to London (UK) in order to complete her studies with an MSc Environmental and Architectural Acousticsin London South Bank University -LSBU-, where she then developed her MSc Thesis “An acoustic sustainable design alternative to green Walls”, aiming to achieve the best Research in Design with recyclable-sustainable materials as a link between different disciplines. In 2016 she started her Acoustic Design career in in BDP’s Environmental Design Studio ( London office) collaborating in Acoustic Design strategies and building acoustics for international projects such as AstraZeneca New Global R&D Centre, Cambridge (Herzog & De Meuron).

At present she is founder of Soundscape Studio, an international Architecture Studio specialised in Sustaiable Architecture & Acoustic Design. Associate Member of the Intitute of Acoustics (AMIOA) and ARB registered in UK, as well as Member of Sociedad Española de Acústica (SEA) and COAM Architect in Spain . She is also continuing her academic experience and research within the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London, as Acoustic Design  Lecturer for architectural students.

Macarena Santos

Macarena is  Interior Architect and Designer, co-founder of SoundScape Studio, in Madrid. Interested in early childhood education and new trends, she aims to pursue innovative styles, decoration and spatial arrangements in order to become a hallmark of the interior space.

She began to study Pedagogy in 2011 (Madrid, Spain) because of her interest in education.  For personal reasons,  she had to move to the U.S.A, where she decided to do Interior Design at the University of Houston. After finishing her studies, she returned to Madrid in 2015 where she focused on  strengthening her skills in a more technical and multifunctional way. The Interior Architecture degree at Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura  de Madrid (UPM) completed her profile as a designer, stylist and technician.

Since she began her training as an Interior Designer, she was willing to putting the knowledge into practice as soon as possible.  The interior design  studio Simetrika, in Madrid allowed her to acquire more than five years of experience in the private housing sector . She designed and carried out projects from scratch with clients, taking care of every detail, to achieve a results where Architecture and Interior Design are in perfect balance.

At present, she is incorporating her work  to our studio as a co-founder of SoundScape Studio, by researching new materials and product designs. Merging architecture and Interior Design with new trends in Sustainable Acoustic Design, reducing costs to make this something affordable for the client, is  key in her concept approach.


Ricardo Sanles

Ricardo Sanles is an Acoustician, Music and Sound Technologist (Sound Engineering), Member of the Institute of Acoustics (MIOA), Member of the Audio Engineering Society of America (MAES).He was former member of the Acoustics team in BDP’s Environmental Design Studio in London and current consultant for several companies and institutions. He has worked in the field of acoustics for 23 years, during which time he has delivered noise assessments, design and manufactured acoustic elements for sawmill industries, occupational noise exposure and intelligibility corrections for large spaces. Ricardo has built up extensive experience of both Industrial noise control and electro – acoustic implementation, covering budgeting, purchases and providing solutions.

Ricardo’s experience includes working in Chile,  Spain and in the UK developing Installed Sound Systems, Acoustic treatments for Houses of worship, classrooms, auditoriums, hospitals, private production studios and critical listening rooms is the necessary combination for our architects team to deliver projects with suitable  technical solutions

Juan Pablo Rozo

Juan Pablo is an architect with 18 years of experience in performing arts design; Master in Environmental & Architectural  Acoustics from the Ramón Llull University of Barcelona. He has taught architectural acoustics at the Istmus University of Panama, has been a thesis jury at the Javeriana University of Colombia, a postgraduate professor at the Piloto University of Colombia and a lecturer in acoustics and theater architecture at the Universidad de los Andes and the Bogotá Music Market. BOmm. He has extensive experience as a specialist designer in spaces for symphonic use and acoustic shells with important projects in Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Peru and Ecuador. He has served as controller of the Secretariat of Culture of Bogotá and Medellín for the improvement of the infrastructure of each city.

Juan Pablo’s leadership as an Architect, Senior Acoustic Consultant / Theater Designer in projects such as the Loja Theater in Ecuador, the Philharmonic Auditorium at the Eafit University in Medellín, the Nazas Theater in Mexico, the Opera Theater in Venezuela and  the adaptation of the acoustic shell in the Auditorium of Tenerife in Spain brings the necessary experience  to our team of architects and designers in theatre and venue design, in order to lead international prestigious projects.His deep understanding of these types of spaces in technical, functional and aesthetic fields and his achievements in theater consulting include new and renovated spaces for professional and educational facilities.

Eduardo Chamorro

Eduardo Chamorro is an architect and researcher who works to discover how technology can transform architecture and its processes to improve people’s lives. He holds a Master Degree of Architecture from CEU San Pablo University (Spain), a Fab Academy diploma on Digital Fabrication offered by the Fab Lab Network and a Master Degree in Advanced Architecture from IAAC (Spain), with a specialization in digital fabrication, materiality and new design methodologies.His experience as Fab Lab Seoul director and researcher in several architecture studios, CEU University, and  Fab Lab Madrid, ee is always seeking to achieve an innovative architecture that attempts to solve and adapt to social needs.

As an expert in Digital Fabrication, Eduardo works with us adapting acoustic products to retail spaces, aiming to integrate interior design with the most suitable space functionality

Pablo Alarcó

Pablo Alarcó is an Architect and Project Manager specialised in Real Estate Investment and Management. He completed a Master’s degree in Architecture at Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid -ETSAM-  and then moved to London to work at DOS Architects studio as a project manager for INDITEX. He was in charge of the management of fit-outs of the new shops and minor works in existing ones across the whole United Kingdom, including the biggest Zara in the country, located in London, and the first automated collection Zara shop in the world. After this period he kept on working for other brands such as Mango and Dentix in the management of new shops in the UK.

He  moved  to Spain aiming to implement his knowledge in Real Estate Investment and Management. In order to achieve that, he worked as a consultant at Aura Real Estate Experts where he gained experience and improved his knowledge in those areas. Pablo seeks giving our clients the best assessment on investments to get the best results.